Plantings in this Collection represent forms of mostly low or slow growing plants with a variety of growth habits. The Collection contains mostly shrubs and dwarf conifers and has changed over the years to showcase plants of current interest. These plants also serve as foundation plantings, and would be a good choice to grow around homes.

The first plantings were made in 1962 by Harrison Flint and specimens from his plantings still growing here include:Chamaecyparis pisifera‘Plumosa Nana’ (dwarf sawara false-cypress), Picea abies‘Procumbens’ (dwarf Norway spruce), Picea glauca ‘Nana’ (dwarf blue spruce), and Ilex verticillata (winterberry holly).

A number of dwarf conifers, especially cultivars of Norway spruce, were purchased from nurseryman Donald Allen of Barre, VT in the mid-1960’s. Nurseryman Greg Williams (Wolcott, VT) contributed other slow growing conifers in the early 1970’s. Some of the dwarf conifers were moved to the University campus in the early 1980’s for planting north of the University Store, however, many still can be seen in front of the south side of the Blasberg Building.


Additional highlights include:

Buxus x ‘Verdant Hills’ (boxwood) is generally considered not to be hardy in Vermont, but this particular one is doing very well. Located adjacent to the north entrance of the Blasberg Building for over 20 years, this plant has suffered little winter injury during the coldest winters and it displays attractive green foliage throughout the year.

Abies koreana ‘Prostrata’ can be seen in two locations within the Collection each showing different growth patterns. Propagation method for both plants was rooted cuttings. Notice the difference in size and habit.